UCD Students throw eggs at Uber Blue Shirt

I see that three UCD students have been reprimanded by the University for their attempt to hit Taoiseach Enda Kenny with eggs.

It would seem their aim wasn't the best and I'm surprised because one of them was from Belfast but alas they did hit someone, they hit Vice-President for Students Dr Martin Butler.

After this howler they got a suspended fine and have to write written apologies to the egged Dr Butler.

It's a good job John Prescott wasn't about; he was a man that knew how to handle protesters who throw eggs.

You can view a clip of him in action below.

UCD students have always been up for their stunts. I remember attending a few USI Annual Congress's during my time at QUB and they were nearly removed on a couple of occasions.

The President of USI at the time was a guy called Ben Archibald, formally of QUB and he was a member of the British Tory party. To show their distaste one of their number held up a sign which read "One Tory, One Bullet".

This caused uproar but a member of the QUB delegation refused to be outshined in the outrage department by a Jackeen so our West Belfast colleague improvised a sign which read "Many Tories, One Bomb: Remember Brighton". As Congress was finishing the next day the UCD contingent stormed the stage and unfurled "Another World is possible through Socialism" banner.

Looking back at my time in student politics I'm reminded just how futile the whole lot was. A onetime political rival at QUB had a good line on student politics; "Student Politics is so incredibly humorous because there is nothing to risk at all"


David Lee said...

chris what does "freedom" mean to you :)

Chris Gaskin said...

That's almost akin to asking, "What's the meaning of life"

David Lee said...

I suppose :)
erich fromm broke it down into " freedom to.." and freedom from.."