Old Habits Die Hard

Following on from the unconditional release of North Belfast Republican Sean Kelly, the PSNI have serious questions to answer about this political arrest of a prominent Republican.

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kerry welcomed his release but had this to say

“At no time during any of the interviews was any evidence either forensic, eye witness statements, anything, put before Sean Kelly to explain why he was arrested."

“In fact when the PSNI went to court to seek an extension of his arrest they admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever against him. "

“The Serious Crimes Branch of the PSNI has questions to answer in arresting a high-profile republican who has always supported the Peace Process."

“The PSNI created political hysteria, which some in the media and unionist politicians latched on to and exacerbated by making clearly ludicrous statements."

“In one move this has shown poor political leadership from unionism and at the same time damaged policing in the republican community.”

This is another example of very blatant political policing.

It will act only to reinforce a wide held view in Republican communities that the PSNI can't be trusted. Now if they are serious about a new start to Policing then there needs to be a change and this kind of action should never happen.

Now I wonder will Peter the Punt and Nigel Dodds retract their childish statements from this morning.

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