Janus-faced Nesbitt

Mike Nesbitt seems to be slowly but surely losing the run of himself in a lot of areas. He has called for the "fleg" protesters to call off their love in this Saturday so that people can show due respect to a march commemorating two members of the Protestant militia killed by the IRA.

His rationale for doing so is explained below.

"Given the cost of the flags protests, it would be regrettable if those involved did not take the opportunity to step back to allow the media to highlight how republicans once stopped at nothing to pursue their economic war against Northern Ireland"

Mike must have a different version of history than mine but the IRA's war was on the British involvement in the North of Ireland, the economy had nothing to do with it. This wasn't about trade or tariffs Mike!

He further states

"The cost of the current protests cannot be justified, but are as nothing to the equally unjustifiable cost of the Troubles."

Ok, so can I take from this that Mr Nesbitt is calling for all contentious marches this summer to be called off? After all the cost of policing them is totally unjustified as is their attempts to march through Nationalist where they are neither wanted to needed.

Will Mike adopt a consistent approach and bring this new quest for due diligence to all aspects of his political vision even when it conflicts with the Unionist mindset of triumphalism?

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