How much is a life worth?

It has been revealed that the British MOD has made a disrespectful offer of £50,000 to each of the 13 families who had a relative murdered by a member of the British Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday.

The 13 people who were seriously injured would receive the same sum.

The total compensation package would be about £1.3m. A solicitor for one of the families has described the offer as derisory and said his client felt it was an insult to those who were killed.

This offer is indeed an insult! I'll explain just how much of an insult it is. The British have a Victims of Overseas Terrorism Scheme. Now as the Paras were from overseas and their murderous acts in Derry could certainly be described as terrorism, let's check their claim guide.

The top award in the guidelines is for a category A20. Remember that this award is for people who are still alive and that is awarded for Quadraplegia/tetraplegia (impairment in motor or sensory function of upper and lower extremities).

Now if the injury is substantially complete to both upper and lower limb levels the award guideline is £250,000.

So let's place that against a family who has had their loved one murdered, had it covered up for 30 years and the offer is a paltry £50,000.

I find this "suggested" award nothing short of an insult to the families of Bloody Sunday.

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