Frazer attack

It would eppear that the seemingly unbalanced Willie "It was the Ra wat done it" Frazer has been the subject of a very sinister attack this weekend.

This sort of attack should be condemned by all right thinking individuals without reservation.

The fact that Willie's roots are less than rosy concerning the Glenanne Gang and links with the Portadown and Mid Ulster UVF/LVF is neither here nor there; the son should not be blamed for the sins of the Father.

This also has the sad reality of gifting Mr Frazer with even more free publicity and the man’s a veritable media whore at the best of times.

It would be much more conducive to allow him to continue to express his highly eccentric views at all hours of the night.

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David Lee said...

my desire for a united ireland remains undiminished, conall devitt has a good interview on what it might look like on slugger, and speaks of the need for all parties to be involved not just SF. Its far to important

as far as willie is concerned I think the kindest thing to do is to pass round the collection box and get him laid asap , is there really no girl out there for willie