Emperor Robinson's New Clothes

Like Martin McGuinness I find Peter Robinsons assertion that the arrest of Sean Kelly could have "grave consequences for the political process" quite ridiculous.

Firstly, I do find it strange that it is only ever Republicans who have their name leaked to the press upon arrest. In civilised democracies there is a quaint notion known as "innocent until proven guilty".

This 18 year old who was shot in the legs, it would seem from his mothers statement, is just out of prison. I don't know the details of why he was there and quite frankly I don't care. He should not have been shot.

Martin McGuiness and Sinn Fein condemned the action

"The assertion that this shooting in North Belfast, which I unreservedly condemn, and the facts of which are at this stage under PSNI investigation and are unclear, should threaten the political process is frankly ridiculous."

It is quite clear to me that Peter Robinson would have everyone believe there is a new pair of political clothes to hide the real elephant in the room. The complete and utter disaster he created in East Belfast when he and his Unionist colleagues sent out 30,000 leaflets winding up their people about a decision they themselves implemented in Lisburn.

Like his former mentor he has marched Loyalists up to the top of the hill and then left them there. He has left them in the "leadership" of such a motley crew as Willie Frazer and Jamie Bryson, a more odious and obsequious pair one could not hope to meet.

Time after time Robin shows himself to be a man bereft of any real leadership in stark contrast to Martin McGuinness, who when faced with internal Republican demons at Masserene faced them down and showed true leadership to his community.

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