A shame on the name of Connolly and Larkin

The Labour party like to consider themselves as the party of James Connolly and Jim Larkin. If that was the case then both these men must be doing cartwheels in the grave given how far their "party" has fallen.

Social Protection Minister Joan Burton has hinted that she will be taxing child benefit. I mean it's the sort of thing you would expect from one of the rabid Blue Shirts like Varadkar, Hayes or Creighton but to hear it from a supposed Labour party Minister shows just how rotten they have become.

Instead of standing by their principals and demanding that those who caused the collapse pay the bill by burning bond holders, speculators and banks they have decided in their collectivist wisdom to saddle the decent working class people of Ireland with that task.

Ever since they signed up for the mercs their standing in opinion polls has collapsed. Before the last election they were seriously pushing the idea of a Labour party Taoiseach and now they are sitting at 13% in the polls behind Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Sinn Fein.

They are facing electoral meltdown in the Euro elections next year when they could possibly lose every one of their MEP's and a whole raft of Labour party councillors in the local elections.

I hope and pray that they do because there is no justification for the acts they have carried out at the behest of their Blue shirt task masters.

They have pushed for wage reductions, cuts in child benefit, reduction of heating allowances to the poor and the old, the imposition of household charges and water charges and refused to tax the incomes and assets of the richest in society.

Joe Higgins made a great speech in opposition to Enda Kenny as Taoiseach. Below is an extract that is rather poignant considering the Labour party's declared links to Connolly.

“It was a great Irish socialist, James Connolly, who, in opposition to that conflict, called for a torch to be lit in Ireland that would "not burn out until the last throne and the last capitalist bond and debenture" was burned. How deeply ashamed James Connolly would be today that the Labour Party he founded marches into Dáil Éireann to become part of a government that will burn not the bondholders, the speculators or the grasping big bankers but the Irish people, the working class, the unemployed, the poor and the low and middle-income workers.”

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JG said...

Totally agree, Chris. Great speech by Higgins. Video of full speech here. Worth a watch.