Self Praise is no Praise!

I see that the so-called Labour party are determined to mark their one year in office with a leaflet proclaiming their "victories" since taking up their Mercs.

Far be it from me to rain on their parade but what exactly have they achieved?

They have very successfully propped up the most anti-working class party in the state and presided over mass emigration from our shores. They are working on selling off state industries to pay back their pay masters in Europe with no hint of embarrassment.

For every job announcement they make we lose two more and they continue to saddle the working class with the burden of paying for the speculator, bankers and Fianna Fail fuelled economic orgy now that the party is over.

Public services come under more and more attack and now the very fabric of our society is threatened by their refusal to burn the bondholders and tell Europe to stick it up their proverbial arse!

Our "Gallant Allies in Europe" must be laughing all the way to their struddle filled banks at how subservient the Irish have become.

What they are doing is akin to running a bookies and telling all their punters, Don't worry! whatever the odds you won't lose any money in my shop!

If I go to the Dundalk race track on a Friday night and place a £1,000 bet on number 4 in the 6.30 and it loses do I have recourse to tell the bookie that he has to pay me back the stake money? Can I then go to the owners of the track and demand that they do it now that the bookie is broke?

The type of pygmy economics that is being engaged in would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

A bastarised form of Capitalism with no market self correction, only the working class saddled with speculator debts and European elites playing with banks as if they were chess pieces in a game to advance their political ambitions.

I wouldn't give them a clap on the back for their year in office; I would arrest them for treason!

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