The real threat to peace in the Middle East

Once again it is time to return to an old favourite, the de facto state of Israel.

In recent times the Zionists, assisted by their paymasters in America, are ratching up pressure and warmongering against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Any rational person can see that it is the Zionists who are the only people in that region stroking the fires of war.

Iran has said that it is enriching uranium for energy creation and not for use in nuclear weapons. Now weather one agrees with them or not, who said that it was ok for an illegal state like Israel to have nuclear weapons but not so for Iran?

I have to be honest and say that people who send missiles into refugee camps scare me a lot more that the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now before someone mentions UN Security Council Resolutions I have a question to ask...

Who can name me the country with the most violations of UN Security Council Resolutions? Israel you say? Bingo!

Until the situation with the Palestinian occupation is resolved we will continue to have instability in the Middle East and the Palestinian people who continue to pay for Nazism's holocaust!

A Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders is the only solution!

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