It couldn't happen to a nicer chap!

It was with a wry chuckle that I learnt that the odious Tom Elliot has stood down as leader of the 6 county Official Unionist Party.

According to Tom he was been undermined from within the bastions of the OUP ivory tower.

Now is there a whiff of the Senator McCarthy about Mr Elliot or was the roguish Basil McCrea and others conspiring to ensure his demise as leader of that bit party?

I think it is very clear that from he took up the "leadership", I use that word very loosely as I don't believe he has even shown any real leadership, of the party certain sections were determined to undermine from within.

I have a very real dislike for Tom for his attitude since becoming the leader of the OUP. He described Sinn Féin members as "scum" and then refused to attend a GAA match while all the while spouting claptrap about tolerance and cooperation.

It would seem that his forked tongue has not served him well but he does seem quite different to many other Fermanagh/South Tyrone Unionists that I have met over the years. In my experience they are a lot more relaxed than their brethren east of the Bann.

The only question remaining is does the Official Unionist Party still have a raison d’être to exist?

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