Inward investment isn't everything

I read that the Irish Stem Cell Foundation has warned that current restrictions on research in Ireland are preventing inward investment in the bio-tech sector.

They are calling on the Government to pass legislation promised in the programme for government to create a clear framework for the use of stem cells in scientific research.

Until such laws are in place, the group says Ireland cannot compete with international research in a growing number of areas.

I think there is huge potential with stem cell research but I must be clear from the outset, I will never support embryonic stem cell research.

Aside from the fact that I view it as akin to the work of Dr Frankenstein and the murder of the unborn the scientific benefits are not there. All of the "advances" in this field of research has lead to tumours.

There is more than enough scope from the use of adult stem cells harvested from bone marrow. There is also the potential of umbilical and amniotic stem cell research.

This debate has been skewed towards the use of embryonic without the scientific basis for this being established.

Before we go ahead and do something new in the field of science we should always stop ourselves and ask the question

Should we really be doing this?

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