Game, Set and Match!

The Frontline Presidential debate will go down in history as the moment that changed the Irish Presidential election.

In a matter of minutes Fianna Fail lites Sean Gallagher was sunk like a lead balloon and there was one or two smug Republican faces owing to them having been the masters of that downfall.

Brian Lenihan's "mature recollection" moment was surpassed with the fake tweet and Sean Gallagher's subsequent reaction. They put the noose around Sean Gallagher's neck and live, before the nation, he committed political seppuku.

It seems that RTE have been dragged over the coals because of this and Pat Kenny was forced to explain himself. All the while Sinn Féin have been able to sit back and claim "it wasn't us"

I have to say that I tip my hat to the individuals who dreamed up that piece of political dark arts, although, from having worked in a few previous campaigns I have a sneaking suspicion of the source.

Moments change history and I firmly believe that moment did the state a lot of service.

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