Foot and Mouth strikes Nike

I see that sports giant Nike has suffered a case of foot in mouth disease with their new "Black and Tan" trainers.

It seems the sports company was aiming it towards the drink by the same name, though the drink is even more foul than Nike's faux paus.

It does seem strange that after the furore over Ben and Jerry's similar mistake that nobody at Nike had the gumption to think that this may be a bit of a sensitive subject.

I walk past the grave of a young boy every Sunday who was killed by the Black and Tan's on my way into Mass and my late Grandfather used to curse them upon hearing the name mentioned.

The hatred of the Tan's amongst the older Irish people is matched only by that of Cromwell.

So what is next for Nike? Will we have the SS Football Boots?

Nike is hardly a minimum wage company for its top executives so here's a bit of free advice; use Google!

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