Cast out of God's house!

That was the stark reality visited upon praying Christians on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in London.

As part of the police operation to remove the "Occupy London Stock Exchange Camp" five Christians were removed from the steps of St Paul's, despite the fact that the eviction order was only for the land opposite St Paul's.

Is this another example of the Met acting Ultra Vires?

It is with some irony that they were praying for the protesters across the street when in fact they also ended up getting evicted.

Perhaps it is poignant that this is the season of Lent, one of the most important times in the Christian calendar, and here we have people removed by the forces of the state from praying in front of God's house.

Yet again the Church of England demonstrate how far from God's teaching they have strayed in their attempt to be all things to all men in this period of liberal hedonism.

I don't believe that the "Occupy" campaigns achieve anything except causing a nuisance but I can understand the frustration behind the actions.

The elite cabal of bankers, speculators and governments were implicit in bringing much pain and suffering to the working man and woman on the street and this is an attempt by some to externalise this.

The Christian faith was founded with the simple message of love, when you strip back everything else the two main tenants of the faith is love of God and love for one another.

Can the Church of England say that they acted out of love in relation to these protesters?

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