Border Poll Inevitable-Adams

I see that Gerry Adam's has responded to comments by British SOS Owen Patterson who said he had no intention of holding a border poll.

Gerry said "A border poll is inevitable. Mr Patterson knows this. It is only a matter of timing,"

"When a border poll is held Owen Patterson will have no vote on that issue. That is as it should be, entirely a matter for the people of Ireland."

I think a border poll would be a good idea as it would be a good barometer of how far we are from our goal of establishing the new 32 county Irish Republic.

Do I believe at this moment in time that it would pass? No I don't but I also think support for the Union would be no higher than high 50's.

With Scotland set to have an independence vote in 2014 and the rising of tension over the next few years I believe we have a unique opportunity to see the breakup of the UK.

I can't see anyone objecting to the poll, after all, isn't everyone a democrat these days?

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