All are equal but some are more equal than others

I see that the rabid Fine Gaeler Leo Varadkar has said that people who break the law one day should not be able to rely on its protection the next.

He is referring to the household charge that the Blueshirt/Stickie government are imposing on the crippled people of Ireland.

Now to Mr Varadkar this may seem like a small amount but a great many people it is akin to taking the food out of their children's mouth.

While accepting people’s right to disagree with something he added this caveat

"But people also do have a responsibility to obey the law - and you can't break the law one day and then expect the law to be able to protect you the next day."

People have a responsibility to their family, first and foremost and their welfare must be their primary concern. The government of the day have a responsibility to serve the people, not the other way around. The law is not some higher being or deity that should be worshiped by the masses, nor does something being made law make it right or just.

There is very little stopping the current government from making it illegal that if you speak ill of their parties you are automatically subject to 10 years in prison. According to the logic of Mr Varadkar people would have a responsibility to follow that same law.

The reality is that Mr Varadkar owes his smug swagger to the people of Ireland. All authority is vested in the people as laid out in Bunreacht Na hÉireann.

He would be better laying the financial burden of this mess at the feet of those who are responsible.

That would not suit him though because it’s one rule for the bankers and the speculators and another for the working class!


Collins-Britain's Greatest Foe

It seems that Michael Collins is leading the British National Army Museum’s online poll to determine who Britain’s Greatest Foe was.

The "Big Fella" is indeed amongst the military astute when you consider that the list also includes George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Erwin Rommel, Ataturk and Louis Botha to name but a few.

I have long had high regard for Michael Collins, something that many of my Republican comrades find quite strange. It's not hard to see how people could come to that conclusion, I'm a Northern Republican and my mother and father’s family both had members within the ranks of the 4th Northern Division of the IRA in the early 1920's.

While my Mother's family have always been resolute Sinn Féiners my father's family have been hardcore Fianna Failers since the civil war, in fact my great-grandfather was part of the group that blew up Dundalk barracks during the civil war.

Even given all of that I have always had huge respect for Collins both as a military leader and also for his political decisions. It saddens me that a party like Fine Gael attempt to claim allegiance to him.

Collins was a Republican and he firmly believed that partition was only a stepping stone to the ultimate freedom, the establishment of a 32 county Irish Republic.

To that end he secretly sent arms to the IRA in the North, much to the annoyance of both the British and the Northern Unionists.

Collins was sadly killed by his fellow Irishmen before he had a chance to realise his final dream. I wonder is things would have been different had he lived or would he have slowly slipped into a partitionist like most of his IRA comrades.

Inward investment isn't everything

I read that the Irish Stem Cell Foundation has warned that current restrictions on research in Ireland are preventing inward investment in the bio-tech sector.

They are calling on the Government to pass legislation promised in the programme for government to create a clear framework for the use of stem cells in scientific research.

Until such laws are in place, the group says Ireland cannot compete with international research in a growing number of areas.

I think there is huge potential with stem cell research but I must be clear from the outset, I will never support embryonic stem cell research.

Aside from the fact that I view it as akin to the work of Dr Frankenstein and the murder of the unborn the scientific benefits are not there. All of the "advances" in this field of research has lead to tumours.

There is more than enough scope from the use of adult stem cells harvested from bone marrow. There is also the potential of umbilical and amniotic stem cell research.

This debate has been skewed towards the use of embryonic without the scientific basis for this being established.

Before we go ahead and do something new in the field of science we should always stop ourselves and ask the question

Should we really be doing this?


Narrow Water ambush was a "political crime"

That was the allegation of a former RUC officer made to the Smithwick tribunal.

He said members of An Garda Siochanca told him that they had been instructed by the Taoiseach of the day, Jack Lynch, not to aid the RUC because the Narrow Water Ambush was a "political crime"

I find it quite hard to believe that the Taoiseach who stood on the sidelines while innocent Catholics were being pogramed out of Belfast and Derry developed the testicular fortitude to do something so daring.

Then again this could just be a former RUC branch man throwing mud in the hope that it will stick.

Only time will tell

British hypocrisy over shoot-to-kill policy

Unlike most Republican's I don't blame the British for having a shoot-to-kill policy. The IRA were combatants and the IRA had a shoot-to-kill policy in relation to Crown forces.

All is fair in love and war as the saying goes.

What does bother me about their policy is the blatant hypocrisy of it.

On one hand they present themselves to the world as an independent referee between two warring factions yet all the time arming, training and directing their death squads and actively engaging in a shoot-to-kill policy with the IRA.

I would have more respect for them if they just came out and said "Yes, we were in a war with the IRA and we actively directed our forces to shoot-to-kill. We make no apology for that"

This ridiculous "who me?" is starting to wear a little thin.


Border Poll Inevitable-Adams

I see that Gerry Adam's has responded to comments by British SOS Owen Patterson who said he had no intention of holding a border poll.

Gerry said "A border poll is inevitable. Mr Patterson knows this. It is only a matter of timing,"

"When a border poll is held Owen Patterson will have no vote on that issue. That is as it should be, entirely a matter for the people of Ireland."

I think a border poll would be a good idea as it would be a good barometer of how far we are from our goal of establishing the new 32 county Irish Republic.

Do I believe at this moment in time that it would pass? No I don't but I also think support for the Union would be no higher than high 50's.

With Scotland set to have an independence vote in 2014 and the rising of tension over the next few years I believe we have a unique opportunity to see the breakup of the UK.

I can't see anyone objecting to the poll, after all, isn't everyone a democrat these days?

Foot and Mouth strikes Nike

I see that sports giant Nike has suffered a case of foot in mouth disease with their new "Black and Tan" trainers.

It seems the sports company was aiming it towards the drink by the same name, though the drink is even more foul than Nike's faux paus.

It does seem strange that after the furore over Ben and Jerry's similar mistake that nobody at Nike had the gumption to think that this may be a bit of a sensitive subject.

I walk past the grave of a young boy every Sunday who was killed by the Black and Tan's on my way into Mass and my late Grandfather used to curse them upon hearing the name mentioned.

The hatred of the Tan's amongst the older Irish people is matched only by that of Cromwell.

So what is next for Nike? Will we have the SS Football Boots?

Nike is hardly a minimum wage company for its top executives so here's a bit of free advice; use Google!


Let's see if they really want Church and State divided

Yet again the British government seek to push their country further and further into the moral abyss.

It was with sadness I learnt that the British government are seeking to make Gay "Marriage" legal.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Primate of Scotland, said that the "grotesque" plans would "shame the United Kingdom in the eyes of the world" if implemented.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, leader of the Church in England and Wales said changing the nature of marriage would be a "profoundly radical step" that would reduce its effectiveness and significance.

"There are many reasons why people get married. For most couples, there is an instinctive understanding that the stability of a marriage provides the best context for the flourishing of their relationship and for bringing up their children.

"Society recognises marriage as an important institution for these same reasons: to enhance stability in society and to respect and support parents in the crucial task of having children and bringing them up as well as possible."

This liberal agenda is being fought in many Christian countries across the world and I proud of the Church for being the main vocal critic of such repugnant plans.

For any Christian to even consider supporting such a divergence is in direct contrast to God's law as laid down in both the Book of Genesis and the Gospel of Mark.

From time immemorial Marriage has been the union of a man and woman under God, it has never been and should never be allowed to become a tool to advance the liberal homosexual agenda.

It has always been Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. For if we follow in that path of decay how long before people want to be allowed to "marry" their animals and lay with them.

Marriage is a religious institution and once which many in the liberal agenda mistakenly believe can be used to further their own ends. So, in that vein in order to protect the institution of marriage I would seek the state to remove itself from the religious affairs of the various religions.

Most of the liberals seeking to advance this notion of Gay "Marriage" also seek further separation of Church and State so let’s see if the practise what they preach, pardon the pun.

I would see Marriage return to the preserve of the religions only and let the state recognise any union it wishes through civil partnerships.

That would mean that married couples would be recognised as civil partners under the law with the same rights and responsibilities as all homosexual couples.

Isn't that the equality they are seeking? Or is it, as I suspect, they are seeking to undermine the religious institution of marriage?

It couldn't happen to a nicer chap!

It was with a wry chuckle that I learnt that the odious Tom Elliot has stood down as leader of the 6 county Official Unionist Party.

According to Tom he was been undermined from within the bastions of the OUP ivory tower.

Now is there a whiff of the Senator McCarthy about Mr Elliot or was the roguish Basil McCrea and others conspiring to ensure his demise as leader of that bit party?

I think it is very clear that from he took up the "leadership", I use that word very loosely as I don't believe he has even shown any real leadership, of the party certain sections were determined to undermine from within.

I have a very real dislike for Tom for his attitude since becoming the leader of the OUP. He described Sinn Féin members as "scum" and then refused to attend a GAA match while all the while spouting claptrap about tolerance and cooperation.

It would seem that his forked tongue has not served him well but he does seem quite different to many other Fermanagh/South Tyrone Unionists that I have met over the years. In my experience they are a lot more relaxed than their brethren east of the Bann.

The only question remaining is does the Official Unionist Party still have a raison d’être to exist?


The real threat to peace in the Middle East

Once again it is time to return to an old favourite, the de facto state of Israel.

In recent times the Zionists, assisted by their paymasters in America, are ratching up pressure and warmongering against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Any rational person can see that it is the Zionists who are the only people in that region stroking the fires of war.

Iran has said that it is enriching uranium for energy creation and not for use in nuclear weapons. Now weather one agrees with them or not, who said that it was ok for an illegal state like Israel to have nuclear weapons but not so for Iran?

I have to be honest and say that people who send missiles into refugee camps scare me a lot more that the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now before someone mentions UN Security Council Resolutions I have a question to ask...

Who can name me the country with the most violations of UN Security Council Resolutions? Israel you say? Bingo!

Until the situation with the Palestinian occupation is resolved we will continue to have instability in the Middle East and the Palestinian people who continue to pay for Nazism's holocaust!

A Palestinian state with pre-1967 borders is the only solution!

Game, Set and Match!

The Frontline Presidential debate will go down in history as the moment that changed the Irish Presidential election.

In a matter of minutes Fianna Fail lites Sean Gallagher was sunk like a lead balloon and there was one or two smug Republican faces owing to them having been the masters of that downfall.

Brian Lenihan's "mature recollection" moment was surpassed with the fake tweet and Sean Gallagher's subsequent reaction. They put the noose around Sean Gallagher's neck and live, before the nation, he committed political seppuku.

It seems that RTE have been dragged over the coals because of this and Pat Kenny was forced to explain himself. All the while Sinn Féin have been able to sit back and claim "it wasn't us"

I have to say that I tip my hat to the individuals who dreamed up that piece of political dark arts, although, from having worked in a few previous campaigns I have a sneaking suspicion of the source.

Moments change history and I firmly believe that moment did the state a lot of service.

Self Praise is no Praise!

I see that the so-called Labour party are determined to mark their one year in office with a leaflet proclaiming their "victories" since taking up their Mercs.

Far be it from me to rain on their parade but what exactly have they achieved?

They have very successfully propped up the most anti-working class party in the state and presided over mass emigration from our shores. They are working on selling off state industries to pay back their pay masters in Europe with no hint of embarrassment.

For every job announcement they make we lose two more and they continue to saddle the working class with the burden of paying for the speculator, bankers and Fianna Fail fuelled economic orgy now that the party is over.

Public services come under more and more attack and now the very fabric of our society is threatened by their refusal to burn the bondholders and tell Europe to stick it up their proverbial arse!

Our "Gallant Allies in Europe" must be laughing all the way to their struddle filled banks at how subservient the Irish have become.

What they are doing is akin to running a bookies and telling all their punters, Don't worry! whatever the odds you won't lose any money in my shop!

If I go to the Dundalk race track on a Friday night and place a £1,000 bet on number 4 in the 6.30 and it loses do I have recourse to tell the bookie that he has to pay me back the stake money? Can I then go to the owners of the track and demand that they do it now that the bookie is broke?

The type of pygmy economics that is being engaged in would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

A bastarised form of Capitalism with no market self correction, only the working class saddled with speculator debts and European elites playing with banks as if they were chess pieces in a game to advance their political ambitions.

I wouldn't give them a clap on the back for their year in office; I would arrest them for treason!

Cast out of God's house!

That was the stark reality visited upon praying Christians on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral in London.

As part of the police operation to remove the "Occupy London Stock Exchange Camp" five Christians were removed from the steps of St Paul's, despite the fact that the eviction order was only for the land opposite St Paul's.

Is this another example of the Met acting Ultra Vires?

It is with some irony that they were praying for the protesters across the street when in fact they also ended up getting evicted.

Perhaps it is poignant that this is the season of Lent, one of the most important times in the Christian calendar, and here we have people removed by the forces of the state from praying in front of God's house.

Yet again the Church of England demonstrate how far from God's teaching they have strayed in their attempt to be all things to all men in this period of liberal hedonism.

I don't believe that the "Occupy" campaigns achieve anything except causing a nuisance but I can understand the frustration behind the actions.

The elite cabal of bankers, speculators and governments were implicit in bringing much pain and suffering to the working man and woman on the street and this is an attempt by some to externalise this.

The Christian faith was founded with the simple message of love, when you strip back everything else the two main tenants of the faith is love of God and love for one another.

Can the Church of England say that they acted out of love in relation to these protesters?