Out of the ashes

Not sure if anyone still reads this, well actually I do as my stats show there is still a small but steady group of people who read the old articles and I do seem to get lots of emails from university students asking me questions.

Anyway, I still find it hard to believe it's been over two years since my last blog post. So much has changed in that time. I'm no longer involved in law, I have discovered an interest in business I never knew I had and I have never been happier. I was back in London a month ago and all my old friends who are solicitors are not the same happy people I knew; they are depressed.

I am glad for my legal training and experiences and still do some freelance succession planning and tax advice but my ambition to practise law has gone.

My healthy regime has really kicked in and I enjoy the gym in the same way that I used to enjoy bars. I have quite a bit of weight off with more coming off every week.

The biggest change is that since I last posted I am no longer politically active. I am still nominally a Sinn Féin member but as I am not active I only consider myself to be a supporter these days.

My reasons for not being involved are many and have nothing to do with political or personality disagreements with the party. Time and priorities have changed for me; I can't see myself ever been involved to the extent that I once was.

I still have a very real interest in politics, religion, poetry etc and over the coming weeks and months I intend to start back blogging. The blog will be a more restrained and calmer site than my once youthful exuberance allowed.

Respect will be the order of the day and any attempt to drag the blog back to the way it was at the end will not be allowed.

Like the Phoenix it seems to have come full circle and I am back where I started