What price is your freedom worth?

This Friday the Irish people go to the polls to vote on a treaty they already rejected last year. Such is the way of the EU Elite, if at first you don't get the right answer then ask until you do.

I have followed this campaign with a great deal of interest and a lot of anger.

The "Yes" side have been scaremongering to the nth degree. No mention on the benefits of the Treaty only messages of fear about job loses and being pariahs of Europe.

I am of the firm belief that the vast majority of the Yes side have never read the treaty. I say this as not one of them can answer a question about the treaty.

I read the Lisbon treaty and in total it took me about 2 days to read it properly when you consider all the existing treaties it refers to.

I watched Primetime during the week and viewed the so-called debate between Michael O'Leary and Michael Gangley.

Now I am no friend of Gangley but O'Leary is a complete and utter pompous bastard!

He proved to me that he has never read the treaty because the only things he talked about were how many jobs he creates in Ireland, how Gangley was a failed politician and how all of Gangley's valid points were nonsense.

I don't fly with Ryanair because I prefer the service and quality of Aer Lingus but I will never fly with Aer Lingus again if O'Leary ever gets his hands on them.

Vincent Browne and Tom McGurk have excellent articles on the subject in the SBP today.

I live in hope that the Irish people will have the courage to reject the Lisbon treaty again on Friday but my heart says that they will capitulate to the threats of the establishment.

Judas sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver; I only hope that those who vote “Yes” on Friday have got a good enough deal for theirs.

Our forefathers would be turning in their graves at this craven act of capitulation.

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