Time to pay the piper

I welcome the news that Scottish politicians are to make the Orange Order there pay a contribution towards the cost of policing these hate fests or else face a new law restricting the number of parades.

It costs £1.5 Million to police these displays of communal deterrence and that money would be better spent on hospitals, schools and the elderly.

Naturally the Orange Order is none too pleased with this suggestion.

A spokesman for the Orange Order had this to say.

“Parading is an integral part of the Protestant culture,”

Really? Where in the bible does it say that "Thou shalt parade, wear funny hats and try to intimidate thy neighbour"?

England, Holland and large parts of the United States are Protestant yet they don't engage in this kind of bigoted behaviour.

He went on to add

“We are working with the tourist authorities both north and south of the border to attract more visitors to parades and the whole community is benefiting from this."

Really? The whole community benefit from this?

I have an idea. Let's have a vote on the issue and if 75% vote in favour of Orange Order parades and the costs involved then you can parade away to your hearts content.

I also have no problem with a 51% vote carrying the vote.

"As an organisation which relies on voluntary subscriptions, the cost would be crippling for us."

Ahh, my heart bleeds! It may force you to only parade in areas where you are welcome and that would be no bad thing.

“We do not make any profit from our cultural celebrations, it is the community who reap the benefit."

LOL, I don't know what's more hilarious, calling this hate fest a cultural celebration or trying to suggest that the community benefit from it.

"We believe charging cultural organisations for their parades could be a contravention of the European Convention on Human Rights.”

Here's a small piece of free legal advice for our Orange brethren.

The "right" to parade is a qualified right, it's not absolute. It needs to be balanced against the rights of people to live in dignity, free from the naked bigotry of the Orange Order.

Charging these boys and girls for their need to parade in areas where they are not wanted sounds like an excellent idea.

When do we start doing it here?

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