Taxing the poor and rewarding the rich

The decision by the Taxation Commission to recommend taxing Child Benefit, while NAMA seeks to shelter the burden from the property speculators, has brought deep revulsion to my heart.

How deformed and immoral is a society that seeks to reward the rich and punish the poor?

This new "initative" has lead me to think about the words of one of the men I admired the most in the 20th Century. I suspect everyone is thinking, Connolly or Pearse or Sands.

While I admired all these men I was thinking of Dom Helder Camara, a Brazilian Archbishop.

Many will have heard of his famous quote

“When I gave food to the poor, they called me a saint. When I asked why the poor were hungry, they called me a communist.”

A man they called "The Red Bishop" because in their ignorance they believed him a Communist.

His short book, Spiral of Violence, is a must read for anyone interested in social justice.

I am a Catholic Socialist and as such I have deep interest in Liberation Theology as advanced by the late Archbishop.

This was a man who lived Catholic beliefs, he didn't just pontificate them as many in the Church did

He wished to address the underlying causes of poverty, not just putting money in a Trocaire box every lent.

Working for a more equal and fair society does not make you a Communist. Peace can only flourish in Justice's wake!

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