Rid the world of WMD

I don't support any country having Nuclear weapons so a proposed US Security Council resolution seeking to reduce their number has to be positive.

That said I would be lying if I said that the nature of this debate is riddled with rank hypocrisy.

The draft resolution does not name specific countries, but it clearly has North Korea and Iran in mind when it says the council "deplores in particular the current major challenges to the non-proliferation regime that the Security Council has determined to be threats to international peace and security".

America is the only country to have launched Nuclear weapons over a civilian population; over 220,000 Japanese were murdered during this revenge exercise.

Despite what Neocons might say there was not, nor can there ever be any justification for such a bombing.

When countries like Israel, India, Pakistan and their fellows have Nuclear weapons it doesn't fill me with any degree of safety.

America should use its considerable influence to rid the world of Nuclear weapons; that would be a lasting legacy to the 21st Century.

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