Jus Sanguinis and the Irish Diaspora

For those not versed in the Latin language "Jus Sanguinis" means Right of Blood.

It's a social policy that determines Nationality/Citizenship not by place of birth but by ancestor/race/blood.

Jus Sanguinis is the opposite of "Jus Soli" which is a Right of Soil policy which advocates citizenship by place of birth.

Most countries make up their citizenship law by having a mixture of both.

I bring this up because the Irish Diaspora has no "right of return".

Currently anyone who is Irish but has ancestors that left after the generation of Grand Parents are turned down and told they aren't welcome.

I oppose this policy.

Many people left this country because of repression by the British in the 1800's as well as the effects of the Great Famine.

Why should their offspring be denied a place in Ireland?

I remember watching a programme by David McWilliams which called the Irish Diaspora our great untapped resource.

Many people accuse Sinn Féin, quite wrongly in my opinion, of being soft on immigration.

I am not a dyed in the wool Liberal when it comes to immigration.

I don't believe in a complete open door policy. I lived in London for a while and saw at first hand what a cesspit certain parts of it have become as a result of that policy.

I'm talking about places where it would not be safe to walk down the road alone.

I don't believe in multi-culturalism, I believe in integration. I know this sounds rich coming from an Irish man. The Irish aren't known for their integration except in one country, America.

There are many things about America that I admire but one of the biggest things, after their Constitution, is the fact that every immigrant you speak to calls themselves American first and only mention their other ethnicity afterwards.

They stand under the same flag and support their country; they act as one.

I believe that an Irish person born in Argentina, who has respect for our culture, language, customs, pastimes and history has more right to be in this country than a person from a different country with no ties to us at all.

I'm not talking about closing off immigration for anyone who hasn't got Irish blood.

What I am asking is that we repay the huge debt that we owe the Diaspora and give them their right of return.

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