The Irish government did supply the IRA with guns

In 1969 the Dublin government supplied the IRA with guns in order to protect Nationalist areas from Unionist and Loyalist attack.

This has always been a disputed fact and lead to the Arms Trial of 1970, the formation of Independent Fianna Fáil by Neil Blaney, the expulsion of Kevin Boland and almost two decades of division in Fianna Fáil.

I have always had some level of admiration for Charlie Haughey, not much but some, and this was a time when he did the right thing in helping out a defenceless community in the North.

Former Stickie Bobby McKnight has admitted to first hand knowledge of one such time.

Belfast man McKnight, who in 1969 was a member of the IRA command staff, states that along with another man he drove to Dublin Airport in September 1969.

There he met then Minister for Finance Charles Haughey’s brother, Jock, and took delivery of several cases of weaponry, which filled his pickup truck, these were then transported to IRA members in Dublin.

While Lynch was making promises other members of the government were actually getting the job done.

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