If you don't get the right answer first time, keep asking until you do

That is the mentality of the Irish political establishment.

Last year the Irish people voted against the Lisbon treaty.
In a legal referendum they declared by some considerable margin, in Irish constitutional terms, that they were against this decision.

While all the main political parties, with the notable exception of Sinn Féin, supported the treaty and advocated a yes vote, the Irish people in their infinite wisdom said thanks, but no thanks.

Was that democratic decision respected by the political establishment? Was it fuck!

They were summoned by the European elite to explain themselves like a poor boy Oliver instead of a co-equal member state and ordered to explain themselves.

So they had a quick meeting, a few worthless promises with no legal basis were made and voila! Lisbon II.

In response to this attack upon democracy a Tipperary cattle farmer launched Judicial Review proceedings against the legality of a second referendum.

Sadly today for John Burke and Irish democracy that High Court bid was defeated.

Lawyers for the State argued that the proposal to be put to the people on October 2 is significantly different, and that it should be up to the people to decide upon.

How is the treaty different? If the treaty is different then all of the other member states will need to ratify these changes.

Is that going to happen?

This is an attack on Irish democracy and I pray to God that the Irish people stand up to the bully boys and vote No again.

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