If Lynch had invaded-The Verdict

I was somewhat apprehensive with the title of the RTÉ documentary "If Lynch had invaded", I was right to be suspicious.

This was a white washing of history and an attempt by the West Brit establishment in Dublin to absolve them for the cowardice they showed in 1969.

The Southern Army was meant to have invaded Newry yet we were shown all their soldiers standing in the middle of a field being shot to pieces and crying. I mean, at least attempt to show a plausible scenario.

We then had the suggestion that if the Dublin government attacked the North they may have been denied entry into the EU.

Do these so-called historians not remember that when Ireland first attempted to join the EEC they couldn't as the French, in the form of De Gaulle, refused to admit Britain?

For goodness sake France supplied Argentina with missiles during the Falkland’s War.

From start to finish this documentary was designed to wash away Southern guilt and had no basis in fact or reality.

As to the suggestion that the British would destroy the Irish soldiers we need to remember this.

For 30 years the British failed to defeat the IRA and could never have defeated the IRA.

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