How much does a son or daughter go for these days?

I find myself somewhat perplexed by the suggestion of compensation from Col Gaddafi to the families of those killed by the IRA. At the end of the day Libya is free to offer money to whom ever they like.

That said how is one compensated for the death of a loved one?

Is a Fathers life worth more than a Son? What about a girl-friend, do they count in the claim for compensation?

What if one person hated their father who was killed and another man was madly in love with a girl-friend who was killed, is their lose equal?

I say this as someone genuinely interested in a mature discussion. I am lucky enough to have both my parents and all my brothers still alive and well.

I couldn't imagine any amount of money filling the void that their passing would bring. In fact I would find the very notion of recompense to be an insult to their memory.

Compensation is designed to be something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, lack, etc.

It's easy to provide compensation for the loss of a car, house or other possession.

How do you compensate however for the loss of a loved one?

Leaving my main question aside for one moment we also need to remember that the IRA weren't the only aggressors in the war, the British were right up there as well.

Will their victims be compensated as well for their loss? Let's not forget that the British armed and directed proxy Unionist death squads alongside their conventional state forces.

Is a victim of Bloody Sunday worth less than a victim of La Mon? Who decides?

Then we move on to the thorny issue of combatants. I already hear Unionism screaming about "innocent victims". If that was the case then why is Willie Frazer involved in this action against Gaddafi?

Let's not forget that his dead realities were anything but innocent. They were members of the Glenanne Gang, responsible for the Dublin and Monaghan bombings and countless other sectarian murders.

I know that I am generalising here but I have always been struck by the difference between Nationalist/Republican victims calling for the truth and Unionist ones calling for money.

This may seem like a heartless statement but I am forced to believe that for some, perhaps only a small but vocal minority, this is just an excuse to get a few extra pounds.

For money will not bring their loved ones back.

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