Holy Lands a dumping ground for Sex Offenders

I see that the issue of placing Sex Offenders into the community has once again raised its head.

Vincent Parker, a member of the local DPP, has obtained information that 120 Sex Offenders are living in the South Belfast area.

The Sinn Féin representative said he was making the call in light of concerns raised following recent high profile cases in the area.

He said locals were also worried about the number of hostels in the area used to house those accused of sexual offences.

"The reality is, there is a need for rehabilitation and resettlement of offenders across the north, but I think, in particular, south Belfast has become a bit of a dumping ground".

"We when talk about south Belfast, I think we are mainly focusing on the university/Botanic area where anecdotally residents are saying that there are number of bail hostels".

I'm not suprised to hear this as it was something that was talked about a lot when I lived in the Botanic area of Belfast.

South Belfast, in particular the Holy Lands/Botanic/Stranmillis area, is home to a large student population.

The recent rape cases in this area give us all great cause for concern.

I can remember during exam time the Seamus Heaney opened 24hrs in order to aid students in their study.

I lost count of the amount of times that I walked female friends’ home at three and four in the morning.

The reality was that the girls were not comfortable walking home on their own.

I find the decision to house Sex Offenders in an area where they have access to a very large number of young, sometimes drunk, women to be reprehensible in the extreme.

I am not a great believer in rehabilitation for Sex Offenders; I find them to be the lowest of the low.

I have carried out Pro Bono work for women in crisis centres and witnessed first hand the lasting damage that these "people" can do to women and young children.

The Liberal masses, normally from Middle Class areas, cry out that we need to house these people and that it is only right that they get a second chance.

How come they are always rehoused in Working Class areas?

It’s all well and dandy to pontificate about rehabilitation when it isn't your daughter/sister/niece at risk.

How about we move these half way houses to Malone Road type areas and see how long it is before they are removed.

Don't risk someone else’s childs safety when you would not risk your own!

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