Frazer has some neck

Most people who have visited Balrog over the years will know that I have an intense dislike for Willie Frazer, not because he is a Protestant bigot but because he is a fantasist, a liar and hypocrite.

I see that he has been appointed onto the new Victims Forum.

My problem with Frazer is that he attempts to create a hierarchy of victimhood with his talk of innocent victims yet his own Father, who he claims was just in the UDR, was in fact a member of a quasi-state Unionist death squad, also known as the Glenanne Gang.

William McCaughey, an RUC member, and Robert McConnell, whom Frazer also claims as an innocent victim, were also members.

In fact McCaughey claimed on BBC that the Glenanne Gang had intended to murder up to 30 school children in Belleeks Primary School in South Armagh in retaliation for the IRA murders in Kingsmill (itself a retaliation for the murder of 11 innocent Catholics over a period of 1o days).

They decided to call it off for fear of the IRA response, Civil War I expect.

I bring this up, again, because another member of the Victims Forum is Alan Bracknell. His Father was murdered when the Glenanne Gang bombed Donnelly's bar in Silverbridge.

My point is thus

How can Frazer, with a straight face and clear conscience, describe his Father and Robert McConnell as innocent victims while sitting across the table from Alan Bracknell.

Knowing that his Father and Uncle were responsible for Trevor Bracknell's death?

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