By the people, for the people

While I am an Irish Republican I am also a Republican in the international sense as well.

I have never understood how anyone could be so deluded as to believe that just because a person was born of a certain womb that they should be superior and entitled to rule.

Now I have never been one to force my beliefs on others and if the British wish to be ruled over by a Monarch then such is their choice.

I do however have quite a few English Republican friends who wish to see their Nation transformed into a Republic.

I bring this up after reading an excellent article in the Independent by Johann Hari on the late English Queen Mother.

His opening paragraph sets the scene perfectly

"It must be exhausting to be a monarchist, forever finding ways to pretend a family of cold, talentless snobs are better than the rest of us. They have to make gold out of mud. The system of monarchy – selecting a head of state solely because of the womb they passed through, and surrounding them with sycophants from the moment they emerge – produces warped and dim people and demands that we scrape before them."

Her love of bloodlines, Adolf Hitler and oppulence combined with her dislike of Aids victims, lepers and "black folk" leave me in no doubt as to her pedigree.

That anyone would bow or curtsey to a craven individual like the one mentioned above makes my skin crawl.

"All men are born with equal rights, and in associating together to protect one another and share public burdens, justice demands that such associations should rest upon a basis which maintains equality instead of destroying it. We therefore declare that, unable longer to endure the curse of monarchical government, we aim at founding a republic, based on universal suffrage, which shall secure to all the intrinsic value of their labour.”

The Fenians, Irish Republic - Proclamation

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