British Army has no place in South Armagh

One of the objectives of these so called dissident Republicans is to get the British Army back on to our streets and lanes.

They seek to escalate the situation in the hope that the British will resort to their age old tricks of brutality and thus create popular support for their "campaign".

They should remember that one swallow doesn't make a summer anymore than two dead soldiers and a cop make an armed campaign.

With this is mind I am glad to hear that the NIO have rubbished the suggestion of sending in British troops.

British troops have no place in South Armagh; they are not wanted and will never be viewed as anything other than an occupying force.

Dissidents and Unionists may wish to see Crown forces back on the hills in South Armagh but their wet dream will not come to pass.

Any attempt to reintroduce Crown forces will move the conflict to a different level.

No sane minded person wants that.

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