A sad attempt at culture

On Friday night I ended my 9 week alcohol ban and went out with friends from work in Newry. My usual tipple starting off is always a double southern comfort and coke. Last Friday I decided to add a Cosmopolitan as a chaser.

While we were having a few drinks and waiting for the rest of our party to arrive I heard loud drums. Owing to the part of town that we were in I suspected I was in for a treat from our loyal sons of Ulster.

They didn't disappoint.

The South Down Defenders had organised a parade and band "competition", no doubt tested on their strident anti-Catholicism.

There was a minimal police presence and standing outside the Brass Monkey having a smoke I was left to ponder what drove these people to parade and invite over 60 bands from across the North to take part.

There was only 6 people watching these bands and the only people who clapped as the bands passed were the two Stewarts.

All in all it was quite pathetic!

I didn't feel in anyway threatened standing almost side by side with these "loyal brethren".

Though I did find those subdued and pompous looking bands people quite alien to me.

If that is what they call culture then I am glad to be considered uncultured.

What do Unionists get out of these cultural events?

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