Gerry "This man is not for leaving"

I have been amused this last month or so to see the media and others attempt to build up a campaign in order to force Gerry Adams to stand down as President of Sinn Féin.

It was never going to materialise but I did find it amusing none the less.

Gerry has made it very clear today that he has no intention of standing down in the near future.

"I'm the party president and sinn é"

Toiréasa Ferris's article (more so the poor election results) has certainly ignited a spark inside the bellies of many activists and from my perspective that can only be a positive.

Sinn Féin has in the past (and indeed the present) been accused of being a top-down party in terms of ideas and control and in some respect that notion is correct.

Many within the party have been happy to leave decision making, policy formation/direction etc to the leadership and the phrase "the leadership has lead us thus far...." has been trotted out on many an occasion.

I have always found that very unfair on our leadership; after all they are only human and can make mistakes as easily as the rest of us.

For some time I have encountered a crumbling of that mindset and many activists are now no longer prepared to sit back and wait for change.

Gerry has said that space is being made to allow for debate and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

I would like to echo Killian Forde’s words in An Phoblacht when he said that action must follow this debate.

Failure to act will leave to stagnation and defeat!

I'm a Socialist Republican, I joined a Socialist Republican organisation and I would like to see that organisation operate as a Socialist Republican organisation.

PFI's/PPP's have no place in that organisation's resume!

The recent elections prove that there is space for a truly left wing Republican Party so long as the people trust the seller of that message.

It is up to us to make the people believe!

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