NAMA is a threat to Irish liberty and prosperity

I must admit that when it comes to detailed economics I am not the most versed; it was never my calling.

That said I am very interested in politics and law and as such I have followed the NAMA debate with much interest.

Even a casual reading of the proposed NAMA legislation leaves you with great anger towards the banking sector and Fianna Fáil.

With regards the banking sector perhaps we should not expect any better, what would you expect from a pig but a grunt but Fianna Fáil are a different matter.

Like the Emperor Nero they fiddled (the books) while Dublin burned.

Instead of trying to cool the property market they actively encouraged its inflation with the slashing of property taxes designed to help their Galway race going property developer mates.

Yet despite their treasonous actions it's the average PAYE worker who will be left to carry the can.

Not one Fianna Fáil or Banking Executive is being forced to take responsibility for their incompetent actions.

NAMA will bankrupt our nation's children well into the future.

I read in today's SBP Pat Leahy's fragrant disregard for democracy when he suggests that the Green party elite might be defeated by the Green party membership.

"Such a defeat seems, at this stage, unlikely - but any party so dominated by its activists is necessarily volatile.

As one senior civil servant put it recently: ‘‘I just don’t trust the Greens. They’re far too democratic for my liking. They are liable to do anything.”

If the Green's have any backbone they will reject NAMA and demand a more equitable remedy to the ongoing banking crisis.

Why would anyone trust Fianna Fáil or the banks on this issue?

George Bernard Shaw said it best, "a government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support Paul"

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