Equality! It's new, strung and shall be heard!

Unionist's are none too pleased that Irish Republican Ruairí Gildernew took part in the recent Hunger Strike Commemoration in Galbally.

You see Ruairí is also a member of the Tyrone District Policing Partnership.

Unionism seems to think that there is something wrong with a Republican attending a Republican parade; I suspect they are more annoyed that Republicans are actually on the DPP's in the first place.

Ulster Unionist Tom Elliott said his actions were "incompatible" with his DPP role and called on him to resign.

Ruairí said he was on the DPP to represent republican views and would take part in such an event again.

"I think it is entirely a non-issue and Tom Elliott and the like of him are incensed that the republican movement can draw a crowd of 10,000 to 15,000 people into a nationalist area to commemorate the nationalist martyrs of the hunger strike and not one penny of policing resources was spent in policing this,"

DUP assembly member Arlene Foster has called on the Policing Board to investigate Mr Gildernew's presence at the event.

"Ruairí Gildernew, on applying to take up his role as an independent member of Dungannon DPP, signed a declaration stating his opposition to terrorism.

"One wonders how his actions at Galbally can be consistent with such a pledge."

Very simple really Arlene, the IRA are not and never have been a terrorist organisation.

It's about time that Unionism got used to Republican's, we haven't gone away you know!

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