1737 Administration of Justice Act

As part of the St Andrews Agreement the British government signed up to the introduction of an Irish Language Act. The fact that they have failed to live up to that comes as no surprise.

That said what they should do is to repeal, with immediate effect, the 1737 Administration of Justice Act.

This is a piece of legislation which forbids the use of any other language in a court save English.

This relic of the Penal times has already been repealed with respects to Welsh and Scots Gaelic with the introduction of the 1993 Welsh Language Act and the Gàidhlig Language Act 2005.

Irish speakers should be entitled to the same level of protection under the law.

Over 4000 children are being educated through the medium of Irish and over 10% of the population of the 6 counties have a working knowledge of the language.

Equality may be a dirty word for some people but it's now a fact of life in the occupied counties so they better get used to it

Sinn Fein MEP Bairbre de Brún said

“It is unbelievable that nine years after they signed the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, the British Government is still defending this relic of colonialism which forbids the use of Irish in the courts.

“The British government must ensure the full protection of the right of irish speakers in all walks of life, including in the courts.”

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