The Euro and Local Elections in the 26 counties are over and the dust begins to settle.

I'd say I feel fairly ambivalent at the moment, some good news but some bad news as well.

I am in the middle or writing up an in-depth analysis of the election from the Sinn Féin perspective as I see it but I want to wait until we get the final results in the locals.

I also want to do a post in relation to the TUV impact on any future Assembly/Westminster election and the gains for Sinn Féin.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time but work has been mental; 60-80hr weeks. I shouldn't complain though.

There are a great many the length and breath of Ireland who are without a job.

I'm on a few days holidays so I intend to put up a few posts tonight and over the next few days.

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