The great Balrog schism

I have decided for the good of Balrog and for my own reasons to cease discussing religious topics on Balrog.

This blog was set up as a political blog and as I am a great believer in a seperation between church and state so must it also be on Balrog.

Don't think however that I will no longer be discussing religion, faith or morals. I have just set up my second blog, The Flame of Truth, to serve this very purpose.

This will be primarily a religious and morality based blog where I can write free from the shackles of my own political scruples.

Everyone is welcome but I would appreciate it if we could keep the politics for Balrog and the religion for The Flame of Truth.

I accept that it will not be that clear cut but as far as possible I would like it to be.

The great Balrog schism has begun.

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