A new day has dawned..or has it?

Today marks the start of Barack Obama's term as President of the USA. His sobering words were apt in this dark economic and political time.

His election has brought hope to millions of people but hope can quickly change to despair.

From the very start of the Presidential campaign I have supported Obama. He has been an inspiration to many and has given strong indications that he will lead America on a more inclusionist road.

This momentum for change can become a milestone around his neck if he turns out to be all talk and no action.

I hate to view this momentous day through anything but rose tinted glasses but I also have to be honest.

His deafening silence in relation to the Israeli massacre in Gaza was difficult to accept. His choice of staff has also been a cause for concern.

I hope that my doubts are unfounded and that he becomes the President we all hoped he would be.

Words count for nothing though; it's only through actions that we discover the true nature of a man.

I wish Obama the best of luck, he's going to need it!

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