Faux outrage from Zionists

Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh has annoyed the Israeli Ambassador Zion Evrony and Blue Shirt Alan Shatter.

He did so by attacking their indefensible attempts to justify the Israeli murder campaign in Gaza.

He said “Goebbels would have been proud of the twisted logic and half-truths"

Now, as you can imagine there has been faux outrage from all the usual quarters not least the Zionist Evrony himself.

“What I think overshadows the discussion was this despicable analogy of the deputy of Sinn Féin,”

Why? I think it was a rather appropriate comparison considering the nonsense coming from Tel Aviv.

Evrony hit out at comments from some committee members criticising the proportionality of the Israeli response, claiming they had been spouting misinformation about Jewish history.

This really is starting to get really old. I don't care what religion Mr Evrony or Mr Shatter are; it doesn't pass me a thought.

What does anger me is their wanton disregard for the Palestinian people, their occupation of lands which are not theirs and the total instability that they bring to the region.

The Jews were persecuted during WWII, and many times before, and while I have great sympathy for that fact it does not excuse the recent actions of the Zionists or their actions for the last 50 odd years.

The fact that their family members were gassed 60 years ago does not justify them sending in missiles to refugee camps.

In fact it makes a mockery of the Jews killed during the Nazi regime.

It's a first port of call for any Zionist to accuse their opponent of being an anti-Semite, well I will no longer be responding to that kind of nonsense.

We oppose the Zionist murder campaign in Gaza, we oppose the occupation of Palestinian lands and we oppose their disgusting disregard for the Palestinian people.

I would like to applaud Aengus for his honest remarks.

The sooner Ireland takes the lead in Europe and expels Evrony and his motley crew the better.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"-George Orwell

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