What can be done to stop Israel?

As the Zionist War Machine wages on in Gaza I began to think about what could be done to stop, once and for all, this despot regime.

The Middle East is a tinderbox and the thousands of Arabs taking to the streets in Yemen, Ramallah, Cairo etc is testament to that fact. One of the interesting things is that they are not only condemning Israel but their own spineless leaders as well.

Khaled Meshaal, the political leader of Hamas, has already called for Palestinians to unite in order to wage a third intifada against Israel.

I don't think that anyone wants to see a return to suicide bombers but that will be the outcome unless action is taken by those in a position of responsibility and power.

The simple fact is that the Zionist War Machine is funded by the USA. One third of their Foreign Aid Budget goes to Israel.

It is America who must be influenced to stop funding this genocide and in my opinion that can only be achieved by turning off the oil.

In this economic crisis The Arab League have a unique opportunity to put the screw into the West.

The founding principle of the Arab League is to "draw closer the relations between member States and co-ordinate collaboration between them, to safeguard their independence and sovereignty, and to consider in a general way the affairs and interests of the Arab countries."

If the plight of the Palestinian people does not cover all of the above then I don't know what does.

What also has become clearer is the semi-motivation of the Zionists in this instance and it was let out of the bag by Ephraim Sneh, former deputy Israeli defence minister.

He said

"The fact that Hamas, for a year and a half, controlled Gaza and turned it into an Iranian base at the gates of Israel is a situation that is inconceivable and unacceptable to us."

"The blame is on Hamas... When they took over, they didn't bring in investors, they brought in instructors from the Revolutionary Guards of Iran.”

The Zionists are mobilising a land force at the gates of Gaza and the Arab League must act before it is too late.

If they shut off oil to any Western nation that gives succour to Israel then we would have an economic crisis of which the West could not withstand.

The Arab League has the power to make a great difference the only question is if they have the courage to take the steps that they must.

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