New Order

I have to say that I am more than a little angry at the moment. Certain posters on this blog have abused the platform that I provide for debate over the last couple of days.

Everyone is well aware of the rules I set in relation to posting.

Rule 1. Do not libel anyone on Balrog.

Deaddog has broken that rule and is now banned, if he appears under a new name I will be banning that person as well. I find it nothing short of cowardly for anonymous posters to cast aspersions over named individuals when they themselves lack the testicular fortitude to back up their allegations with their own name.

Some people seem to believe that they can use Balrog as their very own South Armagh version of the Sunday World. I will not be standing for that, if you want to set up your own blog then go ahead but you will not be hijacking mine in order to smear sound Republicans and their families.

Rule 2. No Sockpuppets

Deaddog/Camlough Republican/Blackrain etc are all the same person posting from the same unique IP. I don't allow sockpuppets on Balrog.

Rule 3. No derailing threads

I have warned Percy about this on a number of occasions, the warnings stop now. Percy is now banned from Balrog and any future post from him will be deleted.

Anyone who has read Balrog for any length of time will know how much I value Free Speech. I'm sorry that I have to curtail that right because of its abuse by people like Percy.

The Paul Quinn case is banned as a matter of discussion on Balrog unless there is a specific post on that topic.

I don't have the time to dedicate to Balrog that I once had, I hope for that to change in the New Year but until it does comment moderation will be in place.

I would rather delete the entire blog than have to deal with this kind of childish nonsense.

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