Lynch's Fifth Column

I have to say that I always find the "30 year rule" releases highly amusing as most of the important stuff is never revealed anyway.

What did catch my eye was the possibility that Jack Lynch may have tried to thwart Thatcher by calling on the Irish people in Britain not to vote Conservative.

I have to say that I couldn't have seen it being successful as most of the Irish people I know in England would sooner shoot themselves than vote for the Tories. By and large they always vote Labour.

Irish ambassador in London Paul Keating analysed the possible impact of calling on Irish people in Britain to vote against the Conservative party.

Mr Keating warned against the approach writing: “Since Parnell’s time attempts have been made to use it but they have rarely if ever been successful and generally the attempt to use it militates against the position of the Irish people here and creates ill-will in Anglo-Irish relations.”

Queen’s University Belfast historian Brian Hanley said: “Such a call would have been received by the right in British politics as an attempt by a foreign government to create an electoral fifth column."

Still not even close with the carry on of the British and their influence in a foreign country, i.e. Ireland.

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