The price to pay for a quickie

I see that the two Brits caught with their panties down in Dubai will now be returning home rather than face imprisonment as first feared.

I must admit that I have been following this case attentively and that I always have a wry smile and chuckle every time it is mentioned. There is just something about the folly of the whole situation that amuses me.

Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors were caught having sex on Jumeirha Beach on 5th July. They had met a few hours earlier at a champagne party and decided to get jiggy ( conservative readers stop casting aspersions and making judgements already!).They were initially found guilty of having unmarried sex and of public indecency and handed a three month sentence.

The austerity of the sentence was supposed to represent an example to all other adventurous and horny holiday makers. However both lodged an appeal and now the only ignominy they will face is deportation and the thought that everyone back home knows of their licentious dalliance abroad. I bet that will be one awkward welcome home conversation with their parents!

As you will all know there is strict Islamic law in force in Dubai. However I think 3 months incarceration for a quick shag behind the sand dunes is a bit extreme. Not even a scorned missus would react in such a severe manner. I have heard of some unlucky bastards being caught horsing their girlfriend out of it by her old man, but this was above and beyond that.

Imagine how many people would be imprisoned in Ireland if we enforced offences like having unmarried sex! I think the debacle over the Long Kesh site would be solved rapidly as it would be needed to house all the horny fuckers caught in the act.

I suppose the only lesson we can really extract from this humorous episode is that if you are taking the missus away for a dirty weekend its probably better to stick to Dublin than going to Dubai.

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