The needed vote for change

To-day is the day that history could potentially be made. It is of course the day of the US presidential election and with it comes the very palpable and real opportunity for America to elect their first ever black president.

Obama is already ahead in the opinion polls, yet many in the conservative media are already suggesting that he will be piped at the post by Mc Cain.

For me Obama represents a new face of monumental change. He is young, charismatic and one hell of an orator. Compared to an aging man there appears to be no contest. One is for progress the other for conservation.

It was interesting to see a tattooed, self confessed red neck openly state that he was going to vote for Obama. He even pointed out the folly of many of his associates that refused to vote for Obama on the basis of his skin colour. With such a conversion, one could very else suggest that Obama could indeed be onto a winner.

Personally I feel that this is the closest America will ever come to electing a black president. If Obama succeeds then the final nail has been hammered into the ignominious coffin of slavery and the denial of civil rights. If he fails I think the US will have passed on the greatest opportunity to make monumental progress.

Indeed the enormity of the decision taken by voters in the US will reverberate around the globe. It is not only the future of America, but indeed that of the world they hold in their hands. It is actually quite scary to think that voters in one part of the world could have such an impact on the world as a whole

I think Mc Cain may have fallen on his sword whenever he took Palin onto his ticket. What was touted as a stroke of master genius appears to have back fired spectacularly. Palin is far from being popular and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the run up to to-days election. It is interesting to note that the GOP appears to have fallen victim to its greatest ally, the media.

Personally I have no regard for Palin whatsoever. To me she appears to be precocious and false and I simply would not want her serving as the deputy head of my country.

It will be a few days before the result begins to emerge and a fuller picture emerges. Indeed I would not be surprised if there is a repeat of the dirty tricks that seen GWB ‘WIN’ the election against Kerry.

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