Naughty Nelson

I see that DUP MLA Nelson Mc Causland was ordered to remove himself from the assembly to-day by fellow DUP MLA and Speaker Willie Hay.

Mc Causland was suspended after refusing to withdraw remarks he made about Gerry Adams during a debate on ‘the Disappeared’ in the assembly yesterday.

Mc Causland claimed that El Presidente had set up ‘IRA units’ to torture suspected informers and bury their bodies in secrecy. El Presidente has strenuously denied these allegations, and this is not the first time certain Unionists have sought to tarnish Adams with this claim.

Perhaps there are a few other issues Nelson could raise in the assembly in relation to justice. Primarily I think he should ask some prominent members in his party where the weapons that Ulster Resistance imported from South Africa are. Perhaps he could enquire into whether they were used to murder any innocent Nationalists? I think Nelson should also raise the issue of the UDA playing a major role in a certain DUP members election campaign in 1978. Maybe he could also ask his former leader for the names of the mob that burnt down Catholic houses on the Shankill after the said man delivered a provocative and fiery speech in the late 1960’s?

Let he without sin cast the first stone. Clearly not a lesson Nelson learned at Sunday school.

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