Falling on ones own sword

I see that prominent loyalist and tout Ihab Shoukri died of a drug overdose last weekend. Whilst any loss of young life is truly regrettable I shed no feigned, crocodile tears for Shoukri.

For years Shoukri and his cohorts tortured the Nationalist people of North Belfast with sectarian attacks. Indeed many decent working class loyalists will not be too sorry to see him go either. After all he unleashed a surfeit of drugs and criminality onto their community. He got mega rich from the suffering and pain of others.

Such was the irreparable damage derivative from his criminality that the UDA booted out the Shoukris and a few of their trusted lieutenants. It must take a lot for the UDA to expel someone for criminality, saying as how they are up to their eyeballs in the fucking stuff!

It is somewhat ironic that Shoukri, a noted drug dealer should fall on his own sword and die from an overdose. Many young people from North Belfast have died at the hands of these dealers of death and it seems that in this case karma caught up with the monster!

Many eyebrows were raised when Shoukri was released from prison after only a few weeks. The nonchalant approach of the judiciary to leading loyalists suspected of being on the payroll of Special Branch is beyond comprehension. No doubt their handlers are able to get them a little breathing space.

Not even Special Branch can save him from judgement where he is now.

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