To plump or not to plump?

I see that there has been much talk about the proposed UUP and TUV voting alliance come the next European election.

With a string of Unionists standing at the next election the possibility of the SDLP gaining the last seat is far from fantasy.


In one corner you will have Jim Allister, a man whose bigotry is matched only by his ego. As the leader of the TUV he must hope that those who are unhappy with the DUP will feel that Europe is a safe arena in which to deliver the DUP a bloody nose.

Then we will have the DUP candidate, it's hard to know who will drink from that poison chalice at the moment. I don't believe the rumour about Nigel Dodds being the candidate; Europe is political Siberia when it comes to future leaders in waiting.

I suspect that it may be someone like Dianne Dodds or Willie McCrea.

The UUP have already confirmed that womaniser Jim Nicholson will be their candidate.


Last year myself and few comrades where speculating about who the SDLP would stand and I argued that they would opt for Alban McGuinness.

Let's be honest, the SDLP are in serious trouble in North Belfast and Sinn Féin are making encroaches into the SDLP vote at each and every election.

This is a golden handshake for Alban more than a promotion.

UUP/SDLP....Who takes the seat?

The UUP are increasingly becoming the political whores of the 6 counties. They are courting anyone with a pulse, and even some without. First we had the PUP, then the Tories and now the political equivalent of flatearthers in the form of the TUV.

The problem for Unionism is that Allister will pull in a substantial vote in the European elections. I don't see him retaining his seat but he could gift one to the SDLP.

The moral dilemma will be on Republican shoulders come the next European election. I say this because I believe transfers may be crucial.

I have never transferred to anyone other than Sinn Féin candidates at election time. My animosity towards the SDLP is also well know, I would like to see them annihilated politically.

The only thing that is still intriguing me is what the psychological effect on Unionism might be should we have a second Nationalist/Republican elected to Europe.

How would they cope with their grouping being down to just one representative?

My loyalty has always been and will always be to the Republican project, the reunification of this country.

If I felt that a number 2 for a stoop, no matter how uncomfortable for me personally such an action might be, would advance that agenda I would have no option but to go with it.

The election is still some distance away but I still maintain that the chances of a SDLP success rest not upon their own work but upon the good graces of Republican voters.

So the age old voting mantra continues, to plump or not to plump? That is the question!

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