No Huns in Corrie!

It seems that Europe is not the only Hun-free zone these days. Apparently the cobbled streets of Whetherfield are short of a few Cream buns (no, not the type on sale in Roy’s Rolls).

It seems that the Cream Bun Lager Lout Brigade have got their Union jack, skid marked undies in a twist over Manchester again.

And what is the source of the outrage I hear you all ask. It seems the Buns are not too enamoured that suave businessman Tony Gordon, played by ardent Hoops fan Gray O’ Brien, is a Celtic fan.

The boys in blue are annoyed at some of the lines that have been scripted to reflect O’ Briens preference for The Grand Old Team. Mainly the issue appears to be that Tony said he had school boy trials with the Hoops and that he would have no more intention of bedding Rosie Webster than he would support The Forces of Darkness.

ITV has been inundated with angry phone calls from The Billy Boys. Such was the extent of their indignation that they had to re-script Wednesdays episode. O’Brien has conveyed his bemusement at the whole development.

It is ironic that this comes in the same week as Mine Fuhrers pleas for Cream Buns to tackle the ‘”bile” of sectarianism. He claims half of negative incidents are “self inflicted”. It appears that Mine Fuhrer has overlooked the fact that a prominent Cream Bun board member and QC was caught singing this bile a few years ago. Mine Fuhrer has now called for Cream Bun fans to police themselves. It’s a pity he did not make this request before last seasons Uefa Cup showdown in Manchester. Mind you the directors of Corrie are lucky it is not this year as Gordons Underworld factory would probably have been ransacked by furious Huns.

Mine Fuhrer seems to have overlooked the fact that the Cream Buns are much too busy watching Corrie and phoning ITV complaining to police themselves. I suppose now that The Cream Buns are no longer in Europe The Billy Boys have nothing better to do with their Tuesday and Wednesday nights!

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