Action must be taken now.

I see that yet another dastardly rape was carried out in Belfasts university area last night.

A woman in her 20’s was raped by a lone male at the junction of Agincourt Avenue and Ormeau Road. This latest grisly attack comes fresh on the heels of a similar rape in the Queens area just a few weeks previous. A few months previous a woman was raped in Canterbury Street also. God knows how many more have been committed but have not been reported. It appears to be an inexorable trend at the minute. The growing number of rape attacks is truly a sad indictment of society today.

I think that it is time to look at the growing problem of rape in this area. The problem indubitably emanates from the decision to house convicted sex offenders in the University area. The University area is hardly an apposite location for such animals. They are a very real danger to each and every female student living in the area.

Letting these barbaric animals within proximity to vulnerable females is just asking for trouble. Many female students are vulnerable, they have a drink too many, some are living away from home for the first time and irresponsibility sets in. Many young women are walking intoxicated and scantily clad around this area late at night. They are like lambs to the slaughter.

Predators prey on this type of thing. Housing rapists etc... in such an area is like letting a fat kid run free in a sweet shop. It simply defies logic and the whole situation must be reviewed and revised. These sick bastards should be housed somewhere else, preferably the Moon or the Sahara desert. It seems that the rationale behind housing these bastards here is that there are very few children. This may be relevant in relation to paedophiles, but for the rapist it is like Christmas come early. They are unleashed onto the easiest and most unsuspecting category of victims.

Action is needed swiftly before another female becomes another rape statistic. The trauma of rape will never subside, but surely this grim episode will provide the impetus for taking action to prevent another repeat of this horrendous attack.

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