Yanky Doodle at it again in South America

I see that the Yanks are at it again in South America. This is of course a reference to the mischief that the US has been getting up to in Bolivia and Venezuela.

American detestation of left wing politics in Latin America is well documented, and readers will now only too well the general response of successive, irascible US administrations to the growth of left wing politics in Latin America I.e. military coup to over throw the democratically elected government.

Bolivian president Evo Morales recently expelled US diplomats from his country. According to Morales these diplomats were contriving to stir up dissent in the country and were orchestrating street riots and protests.

Meanwhile in Venezuela President Hugo Chavez claimed to have unearthed a cabal to overthrow him by the military. The main driving force behind the plot was the US administration. Chavez had survived a similar coup attempt a few years previous.

No one should be surprised at these developments. After all the US has an egregious record when it comes to Latin America. The US zeitgeist during the 1960’s and 70’s was to undermine democratically elected left wing governments in South America by any means necessary. Their preferred modus operandi was to back up the military and attempt to cajole them into overthrowing the government.

They were humiliated at the Bay of Pigs when Castro and communism faced them down. Their right wing ‘rebels’ were essentially left isolated and in the absence of popular support had to crawl back to their Yank masters.

On 11th September 1973 the US led a military coup in Chile to overthrow democratically elected president Salvador Allende. The coup was led by America and funded by America. Indeed the CIA had been attempting to have Allende assassinated for several years before the coup. The Yanks then installed despot and war criminal Pinochet in power. The CIA and US administration immediately pledged their support for Pinochet and his military junta. The US were also behind the downfall of governments in Argentina and Nicaragua.

One must wonder what the US had, and still have, to lose from the rise of left wing politics in one of the worlds poorest regions? When one looks at how US foreign policy is dictated by oil resources and greed it all becomes clear.

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